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“Down there” care with LaLa Milan’s Vagitaminz

Ladies…. I think we can all agree when I say vaginas are amazing… until they’re not. Bacterial vaginosis (BV), yeast infections, and odor and dryness are not just uncomfortable, they...

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Introducing...Mirrored Image by the Murillo Twins

Think back to the first time you really smelled perfume. Were you snooping through your mother’s vanity pretending to be a big girl? Or maybe you were copying an older...

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Kaycee Rice’s Evolove Is The Solution To Loving Your Natural Hair

Calling all those with curly hair!!!!  Let’s face it… managing curly hair can feel like a full-time job. While your unique, voluminous locks may stop people in their tracks, caring...

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What Exactly Is 10-Free Nail Polish?

Hey Beauty Besties!  Quick question for you….  Have you ever thought about the ingredients in your nail polish? Me neither. But, in 2022, nail health is on the rise, and...

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