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Introducing...Mirrored Image by the Murillo Twins

Think back to the first time you really smelled perfume. Were you snooping through your mother’s vanity pretending to be a big girl? Or maybe you were copying an older...

Think back to the first time you really smelled perfume. Were you snooping through your mother’s vanity pretending to be a big girl? Or maybe you were copying an older sister that you admired and wanted to be like. That first whiff can be transformative – a magical scent that can enhance your presence.

There’s no doubt that perfumes can sometimes be a woman's best friend. That feeling of excitement rushing through you - dreaming of having your own perfume collection one day. Twins, Brittany and Briana Murillo, grew up looking into their mother’s vanity mirrors and spraying themselves with one of the many perfumes from her collection. Today, they are now realizing one of their many childhood dreams.

Brittany and Briana are known as authentic influencers who always want to bring positive light and realness to their fans. The twins have an impressive perfume collection, one that is admired by their fans. It was only a matter of time before the two created a scent of their own. However, the Murillo Twins knew that if they were to make a fragrance, it had to be a true reflection of themselves and what they stand for, all while paying homage to their mother who influenced their love for fragrance. 

And just like that… Mirrored Image was born.

Created in collaboration with Slate Brands, Mirrored Image is a fragrance blended to be a reflection of you. The fragrance is wonderfully feminine; a scent designed to reflect the deepest sensuality and authenticity of the Murillo Twins. The smell has fresh hints of bergamot and pear paired with classic floral notes of rose, jasmine and orange flower, grounding you with earthy scents of sandalwood, amber and musk. It is the embodiment of the Murillo Twins’ mantra, “NO MATTER WHAT, ALWAYS SMELL GOOD” – and this scent hits that mark.

However, the brand stands for more than a beautiful smell, as looking into a mirror can also bring on self-reflection and self-love. Sure, a sexy pair of high heels, the perfect shade of red lipstick or a great fitting pair of jeans can make a woman feel amazing. But perfume is one accessory that can evoke physical, emotional and psychological effects. You know…. Most women believe that perfume has mysterious and magical powers. 

It's often said about harnessing the power of something in order to benefit from it. For the Murillo Twins, it is about creating a fragrance that will unleash your power and free you up to be happier, confident, more flirtatious and empowered. Beautiful, excited, energized, elegant, strong to name a few more… but I think you get the point – especially when you put it on.

These are the types of feelings the Murillo Twins want people to feel when they apply Mirrored Image. The fragrance should be spritzed on as part of your daily routine, a time for elevation and appreciation for who you are and a great way to start your day and feel good! Experience the power of Mirrored Image for yourself. 




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