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Kaycee Rice’s Evolove Is The Solution To Loving Your Natural Hair

Calling all those with curly hair!!!!  Let’s face it… managing curly hair can feel like a full-time job. While your unique, voluminous locks may stop people in their tracks, caring...

Calling all those with curly hair!!!! 

Let’s face it… managing curly hair can feel like a full-time job. While your unique, voluminous locks may stop people in their tracks, caring for it can be quite a handful. It’s hard enough to have a good hair day on your own, but when dry, coarse and frizzy hair is thrown into the mix…. Forget it! 

Unlike Beyonce who’s perfect curly hair looks effortless, we understand managing curls can be next to impossible. Curls just need a little extra love (and a few more products) – that’s all.  With the help of acclaimed dancer, choreographer and actress, Kaycee Rice, we have just what you need to not only take care of your curls, but to LOVE them!

Kaycee Rice is one of the world’s leading dancers and social media personalities. Kaycee has made appearances on the hit show, “Dance Moms” and competed in the second season of the show "World of Dance”. Now, at the age of 19, Kaycee has a long list of accomplishments. She has danced on some of the world’s biggest stages, including the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards, and has been a featured dancer in music videos for Meghan Trainor, Olivia Rodrigo and SuperFruit. Kaycee has also performed alongside artists such as Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson, Missy Elliott, Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Kid Cudi, Flo Rida and Charli XCX. 

Today, Kaycee has built a community on social media of over 2 million followers and uses her platform to share her passion of dance with others. Now, as a professional dancer, Kaycee continues to develop her own choreography through creating personal concept videos, teaching classes across the globe and creating for professional music artists. 

Source: EVOLOVE 

As someone who’s been in the spotlight of the dancing world from a young age, Kaycee grew up feeling the need to mask her curls. Although her natural hair is beyond gorgeous, she understood the struggle of curly hair. Years later, Kaycee has learned to accept and love her natural hair! Now, she is here to help others accept, celebrate and love their curls, just as she has. 

Kaycee wanted to create a brand dedicated to helping people love their natural curls, whether they're just starting their journey or are looking for their signature product. Evolove is for those ready to put proper hair care into their self-love routine. As Kaycee states, “Evoloving is…loving your natural hair” which led her to creating a brand that embodies this exact value… Evolove.

Evolove launches with a Curl Defining Cream and Brush & Hair Tie Set targeted to help manage and celebrate curly hair. Finding the right products for curls can be a challenge, and Kaycee’s goal was to create a perfect yet simple product that will help to condition and add shine to any type of curl. The curl cream has skin-conditioning agents that coats the hair to help curls appear glossy and feel smooth. Other core ingredients helps to add volume, shine and relieve tangles while also preventing staticity. This product contains no alcohol. The brush set includes both a hair brush targeted to detangle curls and a set of hair ties that were created to prevent breakage. 

So are you ready to join Kaycee on the journey to loving your natural hair? 



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