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Brush & Hair Tie Set

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Introducing the perfect duo for your hair care needs: our Brush & Hair Tie Set. The hair brush features ultra-soft bristles that provide a gentle glide on both wet and dry hair, ensuring breakage prevention and minimal damage. Pair it with our high-quality hair ties that offer a secure hold without compromising your hair's health. 

Product information

  • Ultra-soft bristles that offer a gentle glide on wet or dry hair, minimizing damage to hair
  • Flexible bristles to minimize pain and protect against split ends and breakage
  • Gently and effectively loosens knots
  • Hair ties provide a secure hold without compromising the health of your hair.


To prevent breakage, use in the shower right after nourishing conditioner is applied for the best results. After showering, towel-dry your hair and brush through with the detangle brush while it's still damp, starting at the bottom and working your way toward the roots.

Professional dancer, Kaycee Rice, holding her curl defining cream for curly and frizzy hair.

Why It's Special

As someone who’s been in the spotlight of the dancing world from a young age, Kaycee grew up feeling the need to hide her curls. Kaycee wanted to create a brand dedicated to helping people love their natural curls. Evolove is for those ready to put proper hair care into their self-love routine. As Kaycee states, “Evolving is…loving your natural hair” which led her to creating a brand that embodies this exact value… Evolove.